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This Massage Oil is simply divine! An exotic, sensual moisturizing oil which replenishes, rejuvenates and deeply nourishes all skin types.


Essential Oils: Organic Orange Sweet, Frankincense & Eucalyptus (Very useful in the treatment of muscle pain, keeps cells healthy and promotes their regeneration, uplifts mood and enhances libido.)


Organic Sesame Seed Oil*, Organic Sunflower Oil*, Organic Hazelnut Oil*, Organic Hemp Seed Oil*, Organic Macadamia Oil*, Calendula Infused Oil, Organic Peach Kernel*, Organic Eucalyptus~Orange Sweet~ Peppermint Essential Oil*,Vitamin E.

*Certifed Organic

Application Technique:

Take a generous amount of oil and massage into hands until warm. Massage gently with circular motions and deep movement into the body.

Tender Loving Care Massage Oil - Soi BioLuxe

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