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Are you interested in learning more about Fusion Mineral Paint, but just don’t have the space or confidence to do it at home? 🎨

Join us for our Fusion Mineral 101 Painting Workshop.

Our instructor, Debbie from @paint.itback, will guide the class with emphasis on prep work and then show a number of techniques to turn your piece into something special. For example: how to line a drawer, a faux wood finish, different finishes (wax, SFO and polyurethane)

You will pick your desired 500ml paint Colour to use and take home.

In addition : brushes, sandpaper, wax, etc will be provided.

All @fusionmineralpaint products will be 15% off during the workshop.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

905 451 8555


59 Main St N Brampton

*Your piece must be able to be carried into the shop by yourself (ie: nightstand, mirror, stool, small table. drawer etc).

Fusion Mineral 101 Painting Workshop - Sunday April 28 12pm-2pm

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